Simile Paint Like a Master

Used by Da Vinci, Escher & Van Gogh. Simile brings the grid method into the modern age. Now you can become a master.

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February 2019

Simile featured in "Games for Nongamers" on the App Store

Simile was just featured on the App Store. It's in the "Let's Play: Games for Nongamers" column of the Today tab.

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Life’s about simple pleasures: painting pictures, shooting a few rounds of mini-golf, and smashing cities. Maybe that last one isn’t so simple—but these three games certainly are.

In Simile, imitation isn’t about flattery—it’s the key to peaceful, absorbing gameplay.

Finger painting
Simile lets anyone paint a masterpiece. Instead of looking at the bigger picture, the game zooms in on small portions of it, challenging you to replicate a reference image. Pick from a palette of colors, then paint with your fingers. Complete a square and you’ll move on to the next section, gradually connecting them into a larger gallery-worthy piece.
There’s no need to be a solo artist either. Friends can join your session and help out. Simile is extremely relaxing, but if you feel a competitive itch, load up the Arcade mode and paint under a timed challenge.